FIFA 21 Title Update 17 takes care of a Pro Club issue, updates some visual items, and makes Preview packs more visible in the store.


This week comes with FIFA 21 updates. Title Update 17, FUT Web, and companion app updates have dropped. FIFA 21 Title Update 17 first comes to the PC version of the game for Steam, Origin, and Stadia. The console version will receive the update a few days later. FIFA 21 Title Update 17 also addresses issues on last-gen and current-gen consoles.


What’s Included In FIFA 21 Title Update 17


The patch is not a big one. It has a few updates for FUT 21 and Pro Clubs modes. In FUT 21, players will now see new user interface elements for Preview Packs. This addition should make these packs more visible when browsing the store. Preview packs are special packs available during the Festival of FUTball. The players can see the exact items included in these packs before buying them. This is the first time when players know in advance what they will get. It’s a great feature and we hope to see it become a permanent addition to the game, or at least, to be available once in a while during events and celebrations. The Pro Clubs update refers to a visual issue. The pop-up message that showed a placeholder text was fixed. We also have some general changes. Items such as balls, stadium flags, badges, kits, and 2D player images were updated. Crowd characters that weren’t displaying as they should are now fixed.


FIFA 21 Web and Companion App Updates


Many FIFA 21 players rely on these companion tools to keep in touch with the game when they are not in front of their PC or console. Players can purchase packs through the web app. The development team took care of the issue that showed FUT 21 coins instead of FIFA 21 points when players were buying Preview packs. This was just a visual issue, but it was annoying nevertheless. It was fixed so it won’t trouble players anymore. These two changes refer to both FIFA 21 companion tools. In case more FUT 21 packs of the same kind were inside My Pack, players would only see one pack at a time. This caused players to think that the other packs weren’t available. They were still available but players had to open them one at a time. As we all know, Preview packs have a refresh timer. Some are available for a limited time. The timer will now correctly change to “Not Available” if the refresh timer is longer than the availability of that certain pack.

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