Career Modes have become unavoidable in sports video games. That includes the FIFA Football series and its latest episode, FIFA 21. During the months that preceded the release of the game, EA has teased changes in the career mode of FIFA 21 that would set it apart from its predecessors. Now that the game has been released let’s review what you must know to have a good start in FIFA 21 career.

In FIFA Football’s career mode, you won’t need any FIFA 21 coins, your objective is to bring your team to the top. Your team and its players will progress as you play more matches and increase your players’ stats. But before starting you must first pick the team that you will lead to success. At first, you will not have the best players in the world, you must select your starting roster that you will be able to train and upgrade using various methods.

The most important tool at your disposal in career mode is the player development feature. In FIFA 21 you will have more control over the progression of your players. Position conversions will allow you, for example, to change one of your players’ current position to one that will have more benefits for the team or make better use of that player’s attributes. You can also change a specific attribute to make a player more suited for his current position.

That brings us to training. Training in FIFA 21 will have strategic importance with the new sharpness indicator. Training will improve your sharpness, boosting your players’ attributes but it will hurt your team’s fitness and stamina. Your goal will be to obtain the higher sharpness possible without sacrificing your fitness. Alternating between a training session and resting periods will help you reach that goal.

If you want to add new players to your team, the Scouting feature will give you the best results. To use them, you must set a scouting network with up to six scouts who will help you find your next star player. You can set criteria for the type of players you are looking for and let the scouts do their work. The scout’s stats will have an effect on the quality of the players he finds.

After a scout discovers your ideal player, you must recruit him by transferring him. The new transfer system in FIFA 21 will allow you to loan players of issue buy offers. A more realistic approach to a mode that has a lot of potentials.


(Contributed by mezaoyabin; Edited by Hermes_Fang)