All the previous FIFA games have been dominated by male commentators. Some of us always wish to hear Vicki Sparks or Pam Oliver commentary when pushing the ball towards the net, but we might have to wait a little longer. EA is set to rollout the first-ever female voice in their next FIFA release. The beautiful Nira Juanco’s voice is going to feature in the new edition.

Juanco, who works as a reporter and presenter for Gol Television on Champions League and LaLiga, will feature on the Spanish edition of FIFA 12. That’s good and not so good news at the same time, considering that more than half of the gamers will be using the English version, but it’s just a start. EA may be thinking of bringing in more female commentators.


She Will Be Making Important Announcements

The 41-year old has also provided coverage of Formula One and will be the Spanish voice, Geoff Shreeves, in this upcoming edition. Her voice will be making critical announcements about injuries and substitutions. She will be joining the likes of Paco Gonzalez, Manolo Lama, and Antonio Ruiz in calling the action.

“I can’t be happier and prouder. Thanks, EA Sports Spain for giving me ‘a voice’ #EternallyGrateful,” Nira tweeted.


Petitions To Include Voices Of Hudson And Kamara

In the past, there have been thousands of petitions to add Ray Hudson and Chris Kamara into the experience, but EA has not acted on the requests yet. Both are broadcasting legends who would add an extra feel to the game.

As for the English language, Martin Tyler and Alan Smith will be doing what they do best. Derek Rae and Lee Dixon will be doing the Champions League and Europa League for a second year. We can only hope we will have our own female commentator in the game or the future editions.

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(Contributed by Kevin Lanogwa & Naomi Tildah; Edited by Hermes_Fang)