FIFA 20 takes a different direction from the other EA SPORTS FIFA games. While the previous FIFA titles focused on recreating the professional football experience, FIFA 20 concentrates on street football. The developers remembered that football is not played only on immense stadiums with lots of people watching high-stakes matches between teams known all over the world. Football is also played on neighborhood courts where a group of friends chill out after a day at work or school. Lots of famous footballers have started with street football.

FIFA 20 sends the message that not every football fan or player is a professional. There are many freestyle footballers that are not part of any team but who can still give famous footballers a run for their money. And there are also athletes that don’t play professional football but they are fans. Anthony Joshua is one of them.

Anthony Joshua is a professional boxer. He was born in 1989 in Watford, England. He is a world heavyweight champion with many titles. Before becoming a professional boxer, he was into football and athletics during school. Although he chose to build a professional career in boxing, Anthony’s passion for football remained unchanged. FIFA 20 honors his commitment by including him in The Groundbreakers program that celebrates different types of football players, from professionals to freestylers to boxers who enjoy football as a hobby.

Joshua, however, did more than be part of a promotion. He collaborated with the EA SPORTS FIFA team and designed a football pitch. You might now be wondering how to obtain this pitch in the game. The Anthony Joshua pitch is a real one. It is made in collaboration with the game designers and it borrows the theme from the newest FIFA 20 mode, Volta. The pitch is called Lion’s Den. It’s a five-a-side pitch and it can be found in London, UK. Joshua remembers how he and his friends played football, sometimes for even eight hours a day, when they were young. He also remembers that many neighborhood courts have closed since then and he wants to do something about it. The Lion’s Den welcomes all football fans, young or old, skilled or rookies.

The best news doesn’t stop here. EA has already booked 250 hours that will be donated to the community. Go to the Power League official website and register for free play time. You can sign up online, you can sign up by email, or by phone. The pitch can be found in Shoreditch.

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