As happened last year with FIFA 18 on Nintendo Switch, EA Sports has once again announced Ultimate Team content for FIFA 19 on the Nintendo hybrid console that has not finally appeared in this version of the football simulator.

Premier League SBC not available

Thus, unlike the rest of FIFA 19 versions like PC, PS4 and Xbox One, finally the Premier League team building challenge and its associated SBC challenges of the Ultimate Team mode have not appeared in the Switch version, despite to be announced beforehand by the title itself.
And not too long ago, FIFA 19 in Switch announced the event, a promotion that was later withdrawn before its supposed availability, which has caused a negative reaction among the gaming community on the Nintendo console.

EA Sports has justified the action through the official forums ensuring that “this SBC was not meant to be available for Switch, so the SBC’s advertising panel was eliminated.” A situation that already occurred in the previous installment of the saga, FIFA 18, in Nintendo Switch.

Recall that the construction of teams through the different TOTS is one of the most important events of the year for fans of Ultimate Team, a unique opportunity to get the improved cards of the best players in each league of 19 FIFA.

FIFA 19 Coins

However, the FIFA 19 community on Nintendo Switch has already expressed its discomfort with this situation, users who feel disadvantaged compared to other versions, still paying for the game and all its contents as well as other users of other platforms, also referring to misleading advertising by EA Sports.