FIFA 19 is a complex football game. It has many modes. Each mode proposes a different way to play the game. There’s the story-driven Journey, the Career mode, and many competitive modes, such as Ultimate Team. No matter what your favorite way of playing the game is, becoming better at it can go a long way. Practice arena is one game mode that offers players the chance to master all kinds of games moves. This mode can be accessed from the Play screen. You will see a section called Skill Games. Open it and you will find the Practice Arena. Several options and ways to practice are available. Players can make some choices, such as what footballer to play with, from the main menu. They can choose to train individual moves or to complete training exercises. Moves such as dribbling and shooting will be practiced. Players will try to score against the goalkeeper. This is a great way of improving your way around the game. Training sets can be played by pressing V, X, C, and Z.

Skill games are another way of training. This mode takes into consideration players’ performance and makes recommendations. Here is how it works. The game analyzes the way users play in matches. Based on the areas where the player is weak at, the game makes skill game recommendations. You will see a skill game recommendation before playing an offline match. It should be mentioned that players need to be connected to EA servers so they get recommendations. Skill challenges are activities that are unlocked when playing skill games. Players begin with regular practice drills such as dribbling and free kicks. Once players are done with them, they can take part in skill challenges. There are leaderboards that record players’ progress in the skill challenges. Players can check their performance and even compare their score with their friends’ accomplishments. There are different levels of skill challenges available. These two modes, arena and skill games, are a great way to prepare for more intense game activities.
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