A new type of FIFA 19 tournament is taking place in 2019. This event is part of the Road to the FIFA eWorld Cup so it’s an important one. The winners will not only be getting prizes but also the chance to advance towards the most prestigious FIFA 19 competition. This tournament is a special one because it’s an invite-only event. It also has a new format that features national teams and associations. There are 20 teams that take part in this tournament. The participating teams represent the confederations of FIFA. There will be teams that play for the Confederation of African Football, UEFA, Oceania Football Confederation, and such. This tournament has two phases: the qualification and the final. Each nation is hosting competitions to determine who will be part of the national team. There will be two players that get the chance to play for their nation in the eNations Cup.

The final consists of individual and team matches. A team has two members. eNation Cup games are played on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. There are four group stages. The first two nations from each stage will qualify for the knockout stages. Group A teams are England, Finland, South Africa, France, and Saudi Arabia. Group B teams are Spain, USA, New Zealand, Mexico, and China. Group C teams are Germany, Norway, Sweden, Argentina, and Brazil. Group D teams are Portugal, Russia, Australia, Denmark, and the Netherlands.

The total prize pool for the tournament is $100,000. The first team wins $40,000. The second team has $20,000. The third team gets $8,000. Teams will also be getting Global Series points for their performance. The first team gets 1,500 points. The second team gets 850. The third and fourth teams get 625 points. All the participating teams get money and points. Players can watch the eNations Cup on the 13th of April. The event is taking place in London. Keep an eye on Twitter to see how you can get a ticket or where you can watch the tournament stream. And now you can buy fifa 19 coins no ban online, make sure use safe service.