The FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT) of FIFA 19 is a difficult game to beat, because you must make your own team with players who are necessarily the best against the goal.

Happily, the FIFA 19 pro-player unveiled two secrets of the FUT to succeed almost instantaneously.

Tips to be better in FIFA 19

“A constant improvement comes from playing with people of your same level, the ‘Division Rivals’ system means that no matter what level you are at, you are against people of a similar level and you will never reach a stage where you are playing against people of six or seven niles and you will not be able to, “he told the Sunday Express portal.

“You know they will beat you a few times, but [eventually] divisions will increase.” There are simple tricks and methods on how to shoot and defend, as, for example, fine shots this year are much easier than power shots. It´s important not to drag the central defenders of the position or someone will be clean in the goal, “he added.

It should be noted that unlike previous editions, FIFA 19 players can now opt for extra power by loading their shots and then pressing the shoot button a second time when their player is about to hit the ball. So buy FIFA 19 coins safe to get the best players for your fut.

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