A new FIFA 19 professional team is making its way to the stage. The team is called M10 and it is founded by Mesut Ozil. The well-known German footballer plays for Arsenal Football Club and also for the national German team. Ozil was the ambassador for the FIFA eWorld Cup in 2018. A team is only as good as its players so it’s only natural that Ozil wants the best FIFA 19 players for M10. His plan is to assemble a team of five players from five different continents. Ozil works in collaboration with an e-sport recruitment agency to find the most promising players. It didn’t take long for eSports Reputation to find the first M10 players.

Fatih Ustun is the first player selected for M10. He comes from Turkey and he will represent Europe. He is one of the best FIFA 19 players. His performance includes a FIFA eClub World Cup win. The second player comes from South America. He is Pedro Resende and he is from Brazil. Fans better know him by his gaming alias, PResende97. He had a great last season. He was among the top eight eWorld Cup players. PResende97 and his team were defeated by the current champion. The third player comes to represent North America. He is from the United States of America and he is a young player of only 16 years. His name is Josh Banh. In 2017, Banh qualified for FIFA Interactive World Cup but was unable to attend due to his young age. He shows a lot of promise. The fourth player is from India and he represents the Asian continent. He is Siddh Chandarana. The South African player is not yet chosen. M10 has veteran FIFA 19 players who already demonstrated their skills but also rising talents. It will be interesting to see how this team fares in the tournaments ahead.

Ozil is not the only player from the Premier League who started his own e-sports team. Christian Fuchs from Leicester City has a team as well. So, it’s time to buy FIFA 19 Coins and build your best team!