About three weeks ago they began to haunt the comments on the networks about a fatal error in the FIFA 19 version for Nintendo Switch. At the time it was reported that, apparently, to start the second professional year of the Career Player Mode, the application closed automatically and prevented the advance for the user. At this point it would have been expected that a bug of such dimensions would have been addressed by Electronic Arts, but according to more comments on the networks, everything points to the problem persisting many weeks later.

The heart of the matter

Going into something more in detail, a user reported that the most common dates in which this fateful error begins to occur are between September 22 and 23, 2020. In case you can overcome both days, the end of October is the second time window in which there is a margin of leftovers to be carried out. It should be noted that at this point it is unknown if this error is one that affects absolutely all copies of FIFA 19 in the Nintendo hybrid console, as Electronic Arts has not yet shown any action in this regard.

This information was initially confirmed by Vandal’s colleagues, to whom a user of the title in question came to denounce the same event. In this case, however, it was emphasized that the problem occurred more frequently when being signed or assigned by a second team. Thus, it seems to confirm that although there is no pattern that implies the same moment of activation of the bug for all players, it would come sooner or later in one way or another. Anyway, as a fifa fan, we just want to play, buy fifa 19 coins will help you build a better team and fully enjoy the game.