Like every Wednesday, FIFA18 draws its particular team of the week where certain players acquire an average higher than they usually have for users to try to get these cards through the envelopes.

This team of the week is somewhat eclipsed by the TOTS. However, do not despise or miss some of the cards that have come out in this selection, as they can be very important for the end of the season.

Bale is the great figure of this team?

In addition, he has also sown controversy among many of the fans, despite the short time the team has been announced. Basically, you can´t understand the absence of a player like Countinho who played a spectacular game against Levante being the great hope of his team to get the draw.

The one that is is Bale. The end of Real Madrid is setting a huge performance in recent games. Neither wants to leave, nor wants to miss the final of the Champions League, so before Celta again gave a good account of its enormous quality.

The one who is also inside the team is Sané. The City season is over once they have achieved the league title for the German player wants to be in the World Cup and continues to make merits for it.

What is your opinion about it?

Do you think Coutinho deserved not to be in the TOT? Do you think Bale deserved to be the figure of the team? In our opinion, there must be opportunities for everyone, so this was a good decision.