Registering the best players in FIFA 18 should always be your main concern to keep a balance of accounts when it comes to enjoying FUT, and to know in which players to invest it is always advisable to take a look at the movement of the market during the last week.

The month of March has just concluded and it is time to draw our predictions to know which best FIFA players to sign in this new month for your FIFA 18 FUT team. After the last promotions, the truth is that many players have increased their price considerably and it is expected that they will continue or even go up in coming weeks for FIFA 18, so you already have a sense of the strategy in signings that we are going to tackle.

We are going to offer players recommendations to sign up for FIFA FUT 18 in April, in case you want to make changes in the team and find good profitability. For this we will take into account one thing: the difference between the highest price paid for the letter and the lowest price during the last seven days, in order to find out which players have worked better and offer greater profitability.

The 5 best players to sign

Lacazette (attacker – Arsenal) with a profitability of 21.4% approximately in the last week and with a volatility of average price, it is a letter that always moves in good scores so it would not be a bad idea to get it if What you are looking for is someone in this position.
Bernasdeschi (attacker – Juventus) this past week has had a positive return of 20.2%, and a value to take into account in the current situation in a club that plays in a few days in the Champions.
Kyle Walker (defense – Manchester City), is the player who has been the most profitable of the last seven days in price variations with 140.6% with a Premier that is already City. Of course, it is more than evident that it is a letter that can go down a lot in the coming weeks, so keep that in mind when you find it at a somewhat lower price.
Semedo (defense – Barcelona), ends the week with a 26.4% return and very low price volatility. This means that it is a letter that usually yields quite well without rare price variations.
Ross Barkley (midfielder – Chelsea), another very profitable card with a 31.4% return and a rather low volatility. It is always an attractive letter to get if you have the opportunity.