A fan has discovered a feature in one of the new FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT) kits in FIFA 18 that might not be well seen for young gamers who might be using these suits while playing the EA Sports video game.

Through a video of Twitter, a user has discovered that in one of the official kits new in FUT an image “rise of tone” in the part of the arm of the uniform, showing it in camera stopped to see it in detail.

It turns out that the image if it is real and official, which would have no problem if FIFA 18 was not qualified by PEGI, the European qualification system, as suitable for all, when clearly the image added in the arm of this kit is not.

In the following Twitt we can find the image in question:
Uniform with FIFA 18 #FUT mutual straw 😆

* Yes, it’s official and based on an album by Catfish and the Bottlemen pic.twitter.com/Gkvx1PvPIW

What is it about? It turns out that this kit is part of virtual skins for players based on music bands. One of them is called Catfish and the Bottlemen, which plays rock and its characteristic image in the following one, the same one that is seen in the video.

With this the qualification of PEGI in FIFA 18 could vary, unless EA Sports withdraws the specific image. This band has been included for participating in the soundtrack of FIFA 15 and with a song inside in FIFA 17.

Do you think that this simple, harmless and minuscule image is worth the PEGI classification? Leave a comment please. And next time we will offer tips of FIFA 18 Ultimate Team coins tips for you. Stay tuned.