Europe and its problems in FIFA 18

Since almost FIFA 18 officially launched in Spain on September 29, the FIFA community and especially the players competing in the FUT Champions mode, which is the only competitive option via online official EA Sports have been complaining of the multiple problems that drag this game mode and especially of the servers of EA Sports for FIFA 18 in Spain.

We have complaints from users at the highest competitive level in the world in FUT Champions; also the majority of Club Pro competitions are suspended until they fix this game mode, there is also discomfort due to the obvious handicap that from EA deny, in short a whole compendium of discomfort from the FIFA community, which EA Sports little It seems to worry them, or at least they have not issued any statement so far.

The main difference between FUT Champions and the other game modes within Ultimate Team is that the first one makes use of servers located by EA Sports, while the rest uses p2p, so one of the players plays server for the online meeting.

FUT Champions, is the competitive mode and in which the level of professional players is measured worldwide, that is why, because of the problems of servers in Spain, the leading players of our country is not in the top as in previous seasons. Since the matchmaking of the game is matching you with nearby players, but the more you advance in the FUT Champions day, the more the number of users that are in prominent positions is reduced, so perhaps a Spaniard will have to compete against a player German, where the player of our country party with the disadvantage of having delay or delay when performing the movements, in addition to the possibility of disconnection in the game, and then the fifa 18 coins are having the important role in playing, as that can help you have better team and have more fun in playing.