Zano XVII Featured Squad Battle

This week’s FIFA 21 Featured Squad Battle challenges Twitch streamer Zano XVII to test his squad-building skills. Cristiano Spadaccini by his real name is a popular streamer. His EA SPORTS FIFA streams are watched by many viewers. He also streams other games but FIFA is the game that got him many fans. Zano comes from Italy. He was born in 1996. His Twitch account has 1.1 million subscribers. He also…

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FUT 21 – Iconic Garrincha Player Card

In football, history’s most famous footballers come from all corners of the globe, with no discrimination amongst each other.   Still, there is only one country which is renowned for its practice of playing football through profound skill and quick footwork aptly named ‘Samba’, and that is none other than Brazil itself.   In FUT 21, partnering up with the release of legendary Spaniard, Xavi Hernandez, another celebrated Brazilian football hero…

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FIFA 21: Best defenders in FUT

The first defender in our list is Real Madrid’s captain Sergio Ramos. The Spanish player has an overall rating of 96 in his TOTY version. He has a pace of 83, 87 in passing and dribbling, 96 in defense and 94 in physicality, which makes him one of the most difficult obstacle to face in the game. The second player in our list is TOTY Virgil van Dijk. The Liverpool…

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In FUT 21, pace is widely considered to be the most important stat of all time, for any player! Although veteran gamers in higher-ranked FUT divisions are able to counter blistering fast forwards with rigid formational team setups (and exceptional gameplay skills), you can still overcome those leaky opposition defence in the lower leagues by focusing your attacks on pacey counter-attacks. To break things down, pace in FUT 21 is…

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FIFA 21 – Patrick Mahomes Featured Squad Battle


Patrick Mahomes is the star of this week’s FIFA 21 Featured Squad Battle. Mahomes is an NFL player. He is following in his father’s footsteps, Pat Mahomes. Patrick’s American football career started at Texas Tech University. He started his professional career in 2017 alongside the Kansas City Chiefs and he is still with them. The career highlights include winning the Super Bowl and being the Super Bowl MVP. He was…

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Figo, Zanetti and Van der Sar become Icons on FIFA 21


The FIFA series has been known in recent years for adding a lot of new content every week. This is precisely what has kept the series as one of the most popular of the last decade, reaping a huge number of sales with its annual titles. Every week, EA Sports introduces new players to its most celebrated FIFA Ultimate Team mode, creating new cards for the best players of the…

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Starting Your FIFA 21career: Tips and Advice


Career Modes have become unavoidable in sports video games. That includes the FIFA Football series and its latest episode, FIFA 21. During the months that preceded the release of the game, EA has teased changes in the career mode of FIFA 21 that would set it apart from its predecessors. Now that the game has been released let’s review what you must know to have a good start in FIFA…

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Kevin De Bruyne Replaces Lionel Messi As The Best Passer in FIFA 21

Lionel Messi, the undisputed king and the highest-rated player of FIFA 21 has been displaced as by Kevin De Bruyne as the best passer in FIFA 21. With a passing stat of 93, 29-year-old De Bruyne outshines Messi, who has a passing stat of 91. However, going by the overall ratings, Messi still ranks above De Bruyne with an overall ranking of 93 compared to De Bruyne’s 91. Kevin De…

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