Get Prizes When You Link Your FIFA 20 and Twitch Accounts


Are you watching FIFA 20 streams on Twitch? Then you can receive some rewards. What do you need to do to get them? Nothing complicated. You just need to link your EA and Twitch accounts. It is this easy. The rewards are called Twitch drops. Players can obtain them when they watch EA Twitch streams from the Global Series. Keep in mind that you need to watch on EA’s Twitch…

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FIFA 20 Anthony Joshua Pitch


FIFA 20 takes a different direction from the other EA SPORTS FIFA games. While the previous FIFA titles focused on recreating the professional football experience, FIFA 20 concentrates on street football. The developers remembered that football is not played only on immense stadiums with lots of people watching high-stakes matches between teams known all over the world. Football is also played on neighborhood courts where a group of friends chill…

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The First FIFA 20 SBC Arrived: How Good is POTM Teemu Pukki?

The first key SBC has arrived in the form of premier league player of the month Teemu Pukki. Generally, EA release the first POTM early on and they are quite cheap and good value. FIFA 20 does indeed follow suit. Today, U7BUY’s columnist Nathan Needham will show you why. Teemu Pukki has really made his mark since coming to England in the 2018 season. He joined the EFL championship side…

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FIFA 20 Bundesliga: What We’d Like to Talk About It?

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FIFA 20 players have the chance to experience Bundesliga like never before come September 24th. This popular German league is now available for players to enjoy. Designers have put a lot of effort into creating an authentic experience. All 36 Bundesliga and Bundesliga 2 teams are in the game. You will notice that more than 180 players enrich the footballer roster. The official broadcast package is not missing either. Players…

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FIFA Mobile – What is Player Rank

Player rank is a FIFA Mobile feature introduced in season three. It’s an additional way to improve players and it will result in increased team OVR. Ranking can only be applied to 100 OVR players. You can use the training feature to increase a player’s OVR to 100. You can also get 100 OVR players from events. So, for the first part focus on getting your players to 100. Once…

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FIFA 19 Announces by Mistake FUT Contents in Switch not Available

As happened last year with FIFA 18 on Nintendo Switch, EA Sports has once again announced Ultimate Team content for FIFA 19 on the Nintendo hybrid console that has not finally appeared in this version of the football simulator. Premier League SBC not available Thus, unlike the rest of FIFA 19 versions like PC, PS4 and Xbox One, finally the Premier League team building challenge and its associated SBC challenges…

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FIFA 19 – eNations Cup is Debuting in 2019

A new type of FIFA 19 tournament is taking place in 2019. This event is part of the Road to the FIFA eWorld Cup so it’s an important one. The winners will not only be getting prizes but also the chance to advance towards the most prestigious FIFA 19 competition. This tournament is a special one because it’s an invite-only event. It also has a new format that features national…

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FIFA 19 Was the Bestselling Consoles Title in Europe During 2018

God of War, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, Sea of Thieves … last 2018 saw its good dose of great releases, and although many were accompanied by great sales, were unable to impose on the multiplatform giant by default. FIFA 19, the one that supposed the new delivery of the sport franchise of Electronic Arts, demonstrated once again why the soccer is the sport par excellence of Europe. In this way,…

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FIFA Mobile – Real Time Head to Head Mode

The new FIFA Mobile season brought a new competitive mode. The new mode is called real time head to head. This is a mode for those players who are looking to compete on a more challenging level. The old competitive mode, VS Attack, is still part of the game. The new mode didn’t replace the old one. This mode is a new way to play the game but players are…

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