Diablo 4, the highly anticipated action RPG, is on its way. Blizzard Entertainment has already confirmed a June 6, 2023 release date for PS5, Xbox Series X/S, PS4, Xbox One, and PC gamers. The game boasts five different classes, an extensive open world, and a bleak and macabre ambiance. Some players have jointed the Server Slam beta testing program to try the game’s features while providing feedback to improve its performance and service. This is the perfect opportunity for players to find out all five of the classes and find their favorite among them.

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Barbarian – the Master of Diablo Combat

Barbarians excel in close combat, wielding different weapons based on the situation. Their battle cries and smashing attacks can deal significant damage and send enemies flying. They are quick and nimble, able to pin down enemies with ease. Barbarians use fury, which they gain during combat and lose when they’re out of action.

Bleeding Status Effect for Barbarians

With this new trait, the Barbarian gains ten percent additional damage resistance, making it an ideal class for beginners. It’s one of the best classes for solo players, except when fighting enemies from afar. They lack efficient ranged abilities, making it difficult for them to fight enemies who keep their distance.

The Armory Mechanic

Rather than being limited to specific types of weapons, Barbarians can switch weapons and alternate attacks according to their skillset.

Rogue – Agile and Skillful Combatant

Unlike the Barbarian class, the Rogue class isn’t as beginner-friendly. It’s considered one of the most challenging classes capable of being versatile and dexterity-based. Players must rely on their swift reflexes to dodge attacks with minimal protection. Rogues can confront distant enemies but get uneasy with those up close.

Unique Specialties of the Rogue Class

After completing the "True Potential" quest, players can unlock the Combo Points, which enable different effects applied to skills requiring combo points, similar to Barbarian Rage. Every basic attack corresponds to the Combo Points, allowing characters to see the new attack bar displayed on top of the skill bar, with a maximum of three points.

Inner Sight is the second specialization unlocked once players reach level 20. It enables the Rogue to mark specific enemies, and every attack on the designated target fills the mana bar. When it’s full, players get four seconds of limitless energy.

Infusion System – Frost, Shadow, and Poison

Rogue skill trees are segmented into three infusion types, allowing players to add damage to skills by selecting any of the infusion skills. What’s nice about this is that the added effect applies to the next skill cast, leading to one’s skills being even more robust than before.

Necromancer – Lord of Life and Death

Necromancers have no significant shortcomings against both distant and close combat enemies, possessing multiple abilities cultivated around controlling and wiping out malevolence. It includes raising undead minions, exploding corpses using bones and poison. Their magic can control crowds and convert damage into health.

The Book of The Dead

Players can summon their Skeleton Warrior to fight alongside them. The three different types of Skeleton Warriors to choose from are Skirmishers, Defenders, and Reapers.

Skeletal Mage is another new addition, allowing players to summon a Skeletal Mage to inflict damage on their opponents. They have three types of Skeletal Mages to choose from: Shadow, Cold, and Bone. The Cold Mage can freeze opponents and apply weaknesses, the Bone Mage can cause massive damage using Blood Surge, and the Shadow Mage can sneak and teleport.

Sorcerer – Elemental Wizardry

The Sorcerer is the classic spellcasting class in Diablo 4, capable of casting lethal elemental magic. Whether you prefer burning your enemies with fire, freezing them with ice, or zapping them with lightning, Sorcery has a spell for you. One’s spellcasting can be supplemented by utilizing the enchantment mechanic.

The spellcaster class unique class mechanic is the mana system. Though you regenerate mana slowly over time, you can imbue certain skills or items to help regenerate mana faster. Mana is also used to maximize spellcasting’s potential, making them more effective.

How Spells Infuse Beastly Elements?

The Fireball skill unleashes a ball of flames upon impact, dealing fire damage within an area. Firebolt, on the other hand, releases a small fireball that can pierce through enemies.

Using the Frost Nova skill creates a blast of cold that freezes nearby enemies while causing cold damage to them. Employing the Frost Shard ability allows players to shoot ice cubes that can slow down opponents.

Chain Lightning is yet another popular spell, which launches bolts of lightning that can jump between enemies while causing lightning damage and stunning them. Players can use the Lightning Lance Throw to pierce multiple enemies.

Druid – Shapeshifter

The Druid is one of the most versatile classes in Diablo 4, able to transform into various animal forms and summon the power of nature. Whether they want to slash enemies like wolves, hit them like a bear, and summon storms and vines, Druids possess these formidable capacities. They can also utilize the spirit mechanic, allowing them to attack enemies, gather spirits and unleash them for powerful skills.

Transformation System

With the transformation system, Druids are allowed to turn into a wolf or bear whenever they please. Each of the two forms comes with unique advantages and weaknesses depending on factors such as speed, damage, skills, and health.

Excellent for Crowd Control

Using the Maul skill allows players to deal physical damage while causing bleeding with wolf or bear claws. Swipe, on the other hand, enables players to strike many enemies in front of them.

With Tornado, players can summon tornadoes that move across the battlefield, dealing wind damage and knocking enemies back. Players can use the Hurricane skill to create a storm within their surroundings, damaging and slowing down enemies.

Ravenous Bite is another Druid skill that allows players to command a crow to bite an enemy while restoring a portion of their health. Spirit Raven is yet another skill that summons a raven, attacks enemies while following you.

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