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What To Do During Black Friday in FIFA 22

In real life, Black Friday lasts for one day only but, in FIFA 22 we have several days to enjoy Black Friday. This is one of the most popular game events. It’s short, intense, and fun. This edition of Black Friday brings something new to the table. It features Signature Signings cards. These items represent players that have had the most successful transfers in football in recent times. Cards from this collection get upgrades that are permanent. These items become available on the second day of Black Friday. Team of the Week is one of the best-known FIFA 22 collections. A new team is released each week. Players have one week to acquire the cards before they are no longer available. To help players complete their TotW collection, the Black Friday event recalls the best Team of the Week items. Two batches will be available so players can get the cards that are missing from their roster. The first batch goes live on the first day of the event. The second batch arrives two days later. The Black Friday campaign has Objectives through which players can acquire items to use in their clubs. The Objectives are completed throughout a week. The Black Friday weekend comes with Flash Squad Building Challenges. These activities have numerous rewards. Players can get additional rewards based on how many consecutive days they take part in the event activities. Make sure to log in to FUT 22 for Black Friday tasks to get more items. Daily Squad Building Challenges allow players to get more rewards. The trick is to complete all four of them in a row. The bonus prize includes a group reward that counts for the event objective. Upgrade Squad Building Challenges are part of the event as well. Some can be completed only once and others can be repeated.