The first defender in our list is Real Madrid’s captain Sergio Ramos. The Spanish player has an overall rating of 96 in his TOTY version. He has a pace of 83, 87 in passing and dribbling, 96 in defense and 94 in physicality, which makes him one of the most difficult obstacle to face in the game.

The second player in our list is TOTY Virgil van Dijk. The Liverpool FC’s defender had a very difficult season just like his team, with an injury that prevented him to help his team bounce back after a series of defeats. He has an overall rating of 96 with a pace of 85, 88 in passing, 82 in dribbling, 97 in defense and 94 in physicality. With a defender of this level in your team, there is little doubt that you are going to be able to stop the fiercest attacks.

The next defender in our top 5 list is none other than Italian legend Paolo Maldini. His Icon Moment card has an overall rating of 95. As for his other stats, he has a pace of 88, 77 in passing, 71 in dribbling and most important 98 in defense and 87 in physicality.

The fourth player in this list is Maldini’s base Icon card with an overall rating of 94. However for the needs of this list we will skip him and aim at the next best player in terms of overall rating, TOTY Trent Alexander-Arnold with an overall rating of 94. The young Liverpool FC defender is the most versatile player in this list his pace is at 92, he also has 81 points in shooting, 96 in passing, 90 in dribbling, 91 in defense and 84 in physicality.

The fifth and last player in our list is Icon Moment Carlos Alberto Torres. The Brazilian legend has an overall rating of 94 with 93 points in pace, 83 in passing, 88 in both dribbling and physicality and 91 in defense.

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