FIFA 20 players are getting ready for a new Ultimate Team event called Summer Heat. This event starts Wednesday 17th June. It’s a summer-themed event that includes new cards, pack offers, and activities. You can obtain new cards by taking part in the event activities or you can get them from game packs that are bought from the store with FIFA 20 coins. This is the first time when this event is available in Ultimate Team. Maybe it will become a recurring event. It all depends on how players receive it.

Summer Heat begins shortly after Team of the Season. As you all know, this year’s TotS was changed. The football season was stopped because of the pandemic and FIFA 20 stopped with it. Instead of TotS, this year we had Team of the Season So Far. Normally, FUTTIES is the EA SPORTS FIFA summer event. It usually starts at the beginning of July and lasts for a couple of weeks. Summer Heat seems to fill the gap between TotS and FUTTIES. Take note that there’s no word on this year’s FUTTIES.

Summer Heat will feature squad building challenges. Players have the chance to complete these activities every day of the event. Don’t forget to follow the other news to find out how you can get new players from bundles from the store.

The promo packs are time-limited so make haste if you want to grab them. In the meantime, you can work on End of an Era squad building challenges. Here are some of the players that you can obtain.

Aduriz is a 96 OVR striker with 93 pacing, 97 shooting, 87 passing, 96 dribbling, 63 defending, and 98 physical.

David Silva has 94 OVR and he is a center attacking midfielder with 85 pacing, 89 shooting, 95 passing, 96 dribbling, 60 defending, and 68 physical.

The premium SBC version has 97 OVR. The stats are 91 pacing, 93 shooting, 98 passing, 99 dribbling, 64 defending, and 73 physical.

If you’re looking for some FIFA 20 competitions to watch, don’t forget to check out the new Summer Cup Series. The Global Series is canceled but new e-sports events are coming our way. The Summer Cup Series invites players with the best rankings to take part in regional tournaments that are held online. The event begins in July and lasts for about a month. The games will be live-streamed on Twitch. And U7BUY will also hold a great campaign for website membership. Check out for the latest sales of FIFA coins and players now!


(Contributed by Reda; Edited by Hermes_Fang)