FIFA 20 without bonito nice game ’. The actions of the talented but always controversial Ronaldinho Gaúcho would cost him his stay in the EA Sports video game, just as happened to Marco Van Basten. The company is still evaluating withdrawing any presence of the player from the game after his stay in a Paraguayan prison.

Ronaldinho spent more than a month in that jail, but in the last few hours he received notification that he may go to house arrest in a hotel in the same country; Still, EA Sports’ stance doesn’t change.

The creators of FIFA 20 are still evaluating removing it from the game completely, as they do not admit illegal behavior in the protagonists.

According to the Goal portal, EA Sports has a strong image policy, focused on attracting more audiences every year. As Ronaldinho Gaúcho is already a former soccer player, his treatment in FIFA 20 is legendary.

EA Sports negotiates directly with retired footballers and it is in these contracts that there are terms of conduct necessary to maintain the commercial link.

In November 2019, Marco Van Basten was removed from the game after making comments regarding Nazi Germany on an open TV broadcast. This caused EA Sports to withdraw it entirely from FIFA 20.

Days later, the Dutch star openly apologized and EA Sports included him again in the game later. As in this case, if Ronaldinho Gaúcho’s situation changes, his absence in FIFA 20 could also be temporary.


Insider leaks

At EA Sports, ethical issues are not taken for fun. And Ronaldinho could witness this. The former Ballon d’Or, who left the Paraguayan prison where he has been for the past few weeks just a day ago, could see his character withdrawn from FIFA 20 after EA Sports already did the same with Marco van Basten. A few months ago after his allusions to Nazism.

According to an insider, the video game editor is seriously considering this possibility. Although this does not mean too much for the ex-footballer of FC Barcelona and Paris Saint Germain (who is focused on other issues at the moment), FIFA 20 fans will experience it a little worse, since Ronaldinho’s legendary FUT cards are very popular among the players. If you’re in lack of some of the FIFA player cards, you’ll always find the missing one at U7BUY store.


(Contributed by Salazar.Cien; Edited by Hermes_Fang)