The world of professional football, beyond the sporting moments (great finals, derbies, classics or tremendously important confrontations), has 3 months a year where the is the order of the day and not more than a few hours pass without it Produce interesting news. What are those months? January, July and August. Why? Because they are the periods where the transfer market is officially open and the teams move token to restructure their templates.

As in everything, there are periods of transfers in which the salseo is through the clouds (usually coincides with changes of presidents or owners of large clubs, need to rejuvenate important templates or reverse situations of poor results of the king’s sport banners) and other market months in which the days pass and the only news continues to be strictly sports, with no news from the sports directors or the top offices.


FIFA, virtual reflection of real football

How could it be otherwise, the movements and exchanges that occur in the transfer markets have a great impact on the gameplay of the EA Sports title.

If you are an underutilized and weak team in any of the important aspects of the game (speed, success in the front, defensive strength, etc.), with one or a couple of signings you can become one of the most watched teams in online matchmaking .

Faced with the possibility of a rather paradito market, and with clear intentions to monetize and make the most of the hated pay to win, EA Sports creates continuously enhanced cards and thus manages to maintain the emotion of not always playing with the same FIFA players (and of step fill the coffers of the developer more and more).

What has this winter market brought us and how will it impact FIFA 20?

The truth is that the month of January began quite shy in terms of signings is concerned but, as expected, the final days this situation changed and there have been several very interesting movements to comment.

Let’s start with La Liga Santander. In the Spanish competition, one of the most important movements that has taken place is the return of Yannick Ferreira Carrasco to Atlético de Madrid. A dagger per band with a very interesting overflow to be a very “usable” player in FIFA.


(Contributed by Salazar.Cien)