Player rank is a FIFA Mobile feature introduced in season three. It’s an additional way to improve players and it will result in increased team OVR. Ranking can only be applied to 100 OVR players. You can use the training feature to increase a player’s OVR to 100. You can also get 100 OVR players from events. So, for the first part focus on getting your players to 100. Once a player is eligible to rank up, you will see the option under the player’s profile.

You will need rank tokens to rank up a player. These tokens can be bought from the store. Look for the new premium packs that contain them. You can also get them from events. Each player must meet certain requirements to rank up. Each rank comes with specific requirements. Select the player you want to rank and check out what cards and how many tokens it needs. The section called Available Items shows the cards that can be used to rank up that player. You will need a 90+ OVR player card with the same position as the player you plan on ranking. For example, if you want to rank up a midfielder to rank one, you will need another midfielder player with at least 90 OVR. You can use players that have been trained or base players. Each rank will also cost you FIFA Mobile coins. Higher ranks have higher OVR requirements. For example, if you want to increase the rank of a player from one to two, you will need a 94+ OVR player with the same position and different types of rank tokens.

Ranked players don’t have improved attributes but they help you improve the team OVR. You will need three player ranks to boost the OVR by one. The team will gain +1 OVR if you have three rank one players, or one rank two player and another rank one player. The rank can also be transferred to another player. This way you can boost lower OVR player to OVR 100. Be careful when transferring ranks because it costs FIFA Mobile coins to do so.