God of War, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, Sea of Thieves … last 2018 saw its good dose of great releases, and although many were accompanied by great sales, were unable to impose on the multiplatform giant by default. FIFA 19, the one that supposed the new delivery of the sport franchise of Electronic Arts, demonstrated once again why the soccer is the sport par excellence of Europe. In this way, it is confirmed that the work in question was the most acquired in that continent for consoles throughout the past year.
This information comes from the hand of the EA itself, in its own financial report, which indicated that, despite everything, the company had not managed to meet the economic goals that had been established. Although we do not receive a specific data to specify the millions of sales of the work, we can´t forget details such as FIFA 19 swept in our country during its first week of sales and also set a new record in terms of digital sales for the franchise. If all this, in addition, we add that in 2019 was released as the reference title of the UK market, one of the largest in Europe, we are left with the testimony of Electronic Arts is no surprise.

One of the reasons why players return again and again to the sports franchise lies in the model of ‘game as a service’ that EA exhibits, especially with the multiplayer modalities of FIFA 19. In the shared article you can find a clear example of what makes the users of the work remain a constant in this.

FIFA 19 comfort trade safe service is available online for PlayStation 4, Xbox One.