The new FIFA Mobile season brought a new competitive mode. The new mode is called real time head to head. This is a mode for those players who are looking to compete on a more challenging level. The old competitive mode, VS Attack, is still part of the game. The new mode didn’t replace the old one. This mode is a new way to play the game but players are not forced to play if they don’t want to. However, the rewards are pretty nice so players are advised to give the new mode a try. Real time head to head matches are longer than the ones played in the old mode. It will also be more challenging to win games played in this mode. Different leaderboards have been added to the game to record the players’ performance in the new mode. There are also new divisions but they work in a different way. Players are still placed in divisions based on how they fare in games but their progress will not be reset anymore. The old division system resets players’ progress on regular basis. The division system for real time head to head allows players to stay in a division until they rank up.

When players advance to a better division, they get rewards. Packs are part of the reward. Each time players win a game, they also get a special pack as a reward. They can have four packs of this type at a time. The packs are opened after a fixed period of time. Players who reach the top division can get the FIFA Mobile Premium Pass. The top division is called FIFA Champion. Those who get the pass unlock the chance to get more rewards. These rewards are obtained when players get a specific number of fans from games played in the competitive season. The progress in FIFA Champions is reset when the season is reset. The good news is that the pass can be bought with gems or with FIFA points. Players can unlock this pass by playing their favorite modes. The new mode is already popular and it became a favorite way to play the game for many users.