During these last days it has been possible to observe how the biggest controversy in the world of football revolved around a single name: Cristiano Ronaldo. The Portuguese player, now a member of the Juventus of Turin, saw how the Las Vegas police reopened a case for alleged rape that placed logical concerns about his figure. Obviously, this is not something that affects only the player itself, but all its professional partners can suffer the consequences. In Electronic Arts are fully aware that this, without a doubt, can negatively impact its flagship product: FIFA 19.

Cristiano Ronaldo was once again chosen as the cover of the sporting title, but the developer has not been immovable before the recently developed events:

In EA´s words

“We have seen the worrying reports that detail the accusations against Cristiano Ronaldo. We are monitoring the situation closely as we expect the players and ambassadors of our covers to reflect behavior that is in tune with EA values”. It should be noted that to date both Cristiano Ronaldo and his club, Juventus de Torino, have been firm in denying any accusation against the Portuguese player, but this has not seemed to calm at all the concerns they harbor in Electronic Arts.

In its first week in the gaming industry market, FIFA 19 achieved the overwhelming figure of 240,000 copies sold in Spain and a lot FIFA 19 coins and points sales too. The sports simulator is a reference in our country, although its relevance is spread throughout Europe given the weight of professional football. As a company, Electronic Arts has the first objective of protecting its interests, so it is logical that they have shown themselves to be so sharp despite following the investigation in progress. Remember that EA allows you to customize the FIFA 19 cover at the whim of its players, although we could not rule out that the controversy of the last days would end up forcing an official modification of the same, as it happened when the player decided to leave Real Madrid.