The update of the World Cup gave an interesting boost to ‘FIFA 18’ after the major European competitions were resolved, but its arrival at EA Access is something inevitable: the Xbox exclusive EA subscription service will receive five great games over the next few three months, including his soccer proposal.

Of course, the other four titles that will join The Vault, the instant collection of games that includes the service, are also quite a claim: the fourth numbered delivery of the Sims, a remastering especially celebrated, an indie that does not go unnoticed and the return of one of the key Xbox 360 games.

• The Sims 4
• Faith
• FIFA 18
• Dante’s Inferno
• Burnout Paradise

But not all the news of the service will be playable. Through the official website, EA has promised two interesting improvements: on the one hand the possibility of requesting the remote installation of a game, which would allow us to start downloading a title from a PC or the mobile itself; and on the other an interface of the Xbox App with more content and a more grateful navigation. Something quite requested.

Of course, EA Access not only guarantees access to the games of The Vault, it also allows you to start playing before several of the key titles of Electronic Arts. In this sense, we already know the exact dates in which the subscribers will be able to give the glove to the four big bets of EA Sports for the next season.

Once again, we bet on guaranteeing subscribers a trial period that will start a week before the game is launched. Of course, it is expected that Origin Access players can also try in advance to those games that come in the Origin store, such as ‘FIFA 19’.

The EA Access service brings together the most celebrated of Electronic Arts in the same service and adds a 10% discount on all purchases of the Microsoft store related to EA titles. The price? Fairly amortizable: $3.99 per month or $24.99 per year.