FIFA Mobile has an event called Team Heroes. It’s a weekly activity that refreshes on Tuesday. Eighty-eight OVR players are obtained by playing it. Players will first take part in other activities that reward club specific tokens called Club Crests. These will be used to unlock the football players. The event has two parts: Weekly and Heroes. Players will begin by taking part in Weekly activities to obtain crests. After they get the football players, they can use them in Heroes activities. There are 50 Weekly tasks. The first one provides a bit of info on the event so players complete it just by tapping on it. Next, they will take part in tasks that reward crests. The first three tasks reward Roma, Juventus, and Liverpool tokens. The next task rewards hero points and has the chance to reward club tokens as well. These points will be necessary to unlock more tasks and they can also be turned into crests. Five hero points are used to unlock the task that will ultimately reward the 88 OVR player. There are multiple players that belong to various football clubs. For example, the Real Madrid hero is Hazard, the Tottenham hero is Kane, and so on.

Once all fourteen club heroes are collected, players can move on to the next part of the activity by switching to the Heroes panel. For obtaining all heroes, 100 club crests are obtained. A 92 OVR player is obtained as well. This is Thomas Muller. There are two premium packs that can be bought to get help with this event. The Team Hero Pack costs 30,000 FIFA points and contains one random 88 OVR team hero player. The Weekly Heroes Pack costs 1,000 FIFA points. It includes one to five club crests, 200 hero points, a 70+ OVR gold player and the chance to get a team hero or an 80+ OVR elite player. The event takes a while to complete as it includes many activities.