If you are a reader of our articles and reviews of Madden, you may have noticed that recently we took a leap into the past to learn more about the origins of that game (more precisely, we reviewed what had been the best games from our point of view).

Today is the time to talk about FIFA and its best games. We will enter the depths of the 8, 16 and 32 bits to discover which were the best deliveries of FIFA and for what consoles. Join us!

FIFA for Wii

That’s right, once again, an EA title makes an appearance on the Wii as one of the best sports simulators in history. Although, NBA Jam is a gem that we all remember, the first version of FIFA in the old console of Nintendo was a success in every way, since it offered graphics with striking colors, an excellent game mode and controls that made us enjoy this title for hours. Please do not confuse it with FIFA 15 for Wii U, which we already talked about a lot.


Oh, the old days. When I was little I loved playing International Superstar Soccer Deluxe, especially when the dog became the referee of the game. At that time, I was looking for something similar and that I could take it with me all the time and, above all, to the school. FIFA 2004 for GBA was what most reminded me of the ISS at the time (yes, I know there is an ISS version for GBA, but it felt a little different to the original version).
Of course, FIFA 18 is a very good title, but it is a copy-paste of FIFA 17, which marked a before and after in this franchise, but that, that’s another story. Fut 18 coins buying is much different now, keep following us if you want to know more about fifa. Thanks for reading