FIFA Mobile has gone through a significant update that changes different features and modes. Some of the biggest updates are those concerning VS Attack mode, roster, and leagues. The decision to make changes to the leagues mode was taken based on the feedback received from the community. Players weren’t exactly happy with the old system so they made their voices heard and the team took the decision to adjust the way leagues work.

Probably the biggest change is the way a league earns its rank. Players have already noticed the addition of a new feature called fame. This is won by the league when its members are taking part in matches from league versus league tournaments. Based on members’ performance, the league will get fame after each tournament. The ranking is decided taking into consideration how much fame a league has accumulated. It’s important to point out that the amount of fame can go up but it can also go down. If the league has had a bad performance, it will lose fame and most likely its rank will decrease as a consequence. So fame is used for the ranking system but it has one more use. There is a new matchmaking system that is based on fame. When the system looks for opponents, the amount of fame is one of the parameters based on which the matchmaking is done. The system tries to pair opponents between which there’s no big difference in the amount of fame. Players will also notice that the look of the league mode has changed as well. The user interface has been revamped. It is now easier to use. Leagues can now have one of the two new attributes. They can be open or closed. Anyone can join an open league without having to apply for it. A closed league won’t receive any new members so players cannot join it. The league search function was improved as well. Players can now search using a new filter called location. The recommendations will also take the new filter into consideration.

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