NBA Live 18 -  What you need to know about Livestrike events

Starting mid-November 2017, NBA Live 18 players have an extra game activity to complete for unique rewards. The activity or mode is called Livestrike. This is a way to add more content and to also involve the player base in the process. The new content is not introduced with patches like most of the new features. Such an event can occur at any time. Players will be given a heads-up so they know that something new is underway. A Livestrike event is a series of live events that reward players will all sorts of items. The items vary from gear to traits. Normally, the event lasts for one week so players have plenty of time to take part in it and to get their rewards. So far, all Livestrike events had unique rewards and it’s not known whether the items will be obtainable in the future or not. Players can easily find out when a Livestrike event starts by following NBA Live 18 on Twitter and Facebook.

The live events that are available to be played during Livestrike have fresh content. Some are played on new venues. The rewards can only be acquired while the events are up so players are advised not to postpone them too much. The gear that is offered as reward is one of the most compelling reasons to participate in Livestrike events. Let’s take a look at some of the gear that was available so far. Players had the chance to win Undefeated themed clothing and also shoes. The famous Nike Air Force 1 shoes are part of the rewards. There are multiple color variants including the original purple and olive green. Another event gave players the chance to get A Bathing Ape themed gear. Livestrike deals include another famous streetwear brand, Pink Dolphin. During the Pink Dolphin event, players can also get themed venues. Now’s a better time than ever to get friends and family into the game. Some amazing deals are available for NBA Live 18 from digital stores and local retailers.