The best players to trade and earn coins

Gabriel Jesús – Front Center – Manchester City

Who has participated in a match of FUT Champions will have already met the young forward of Manchester City. Gabriel Jesus is one of the most popular cards of this edition of FIFA Ultimate Team, and it is for a good reason. His speed and acceleration are able to break any defense, and his ability to dribble, as well as his skills to face goal, make the Brazilian player one of the most “cheetah” of FIFA 18.


This means that more and more people want to acquire a Gabriel Jesus for their team, which makes their gold card an object highly valued in the market, and one that we are interested in acquiring to obtain great benefits. With a little patience, it is now possible to get one of these cards through the auction for a price of around 60,000 coins, and then sell it soon after about 70,000 coins in immediate purchase price, which is a benefit of 6,500 coins by letter.


Nélson Semedo – Right Side – F.C. Barcelona

Nélson Semedo is a very useful player when it comes to trading in FIFA 18. The Portuguese side of the Santander League is not only the fastest player in the competition in his position, but also has a decent average, and a price that It has changed on more than one occasion during the last month, which opens many possibilities to enrich us with it. During the first weeks of FIFA 18, the Barcelona player reached prices of up to 15,000 coins, but currently its price is around 3,000 coins.


In this sense, and given its low cost, we are interested in bidding in mass for all the gold cards of this player that are below the 2,000 – 2,500 coins, according to their current price. Surely we do not win all the bids, but we will also do more than one player, which we can put on sale immediately for some 3,500 coins of immediate purchase price (or even more, given its price), with a period of one time of sale, to obtain a profit of approximately 1,000 coins per letter immediately.