How to shoot penalties in FIFA 18


With the left joystick you can move the date that appears superimposed in the launch. It will no longer be necessary to control the player’s career with this joystick, so you can focus only on the direction. Be careful, because you should never release this joystick until the player finally hits the ball.


Power without control is worth nothing

The power of hit is measured based on a meter that works by effect with the circle button on PlayStation and button B on Xbox.

You should never use the maximum power because it is likely to go out of the goal, but do not fill the bars too little because you will not score.

Ideally, fill three bars and a little meter to ensure a launch with the optimal speed and power.


Final adjustments

While we can´t control the player’s approach to the ball like last year, we can influence. For this we can choose to press the R2 / RT button to accelerate the footballer’s career towards the ball to provide more power to the shot; or use the L2 / LT button to slow down this race and provide the ball with the greatest placement. If you opt for the first form it is likely that the goalkeeper will not see the ball, which will throw a little to see them come; if you opt for the second you can try to get the goalkeeper to shoot before to score easier.


So you can score a penalty in FIFA 18 and score goals taking into account the position of the player, the aim, the power and the speed of the final race.

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