FIFA 18 News on Licensing & FUT and Career Mode

With the recent information on all new features of FIFA 18, fans can already know much more about various sections of the game. Impressions are now available about the controls and there are plenty of details on Frostbite or game system improvements, plus the first clues about the new season of The Journey: The Return of Hunter.

But those looking for new details on FIFA 18 equipment and stadium licenses, Ultimate Team mode or Career mode will have to wait for Gamescom. And the same will happen with the news regarding the competitive side of the game and the eSports.

Even so, given the materials shown so far, several collaboration agreements have already been discovered in terms of licensing and preferential use of equipment. FIFA 18 has an important presence of Real Madrid and Cristiano Ronaldo both on the cover and in the new animation system Motion Technology System, something that extends to the history of Alex Hunter,but one thing you should know is you need to have enough fifa 18 coins to buy Cristiano Ronald, as he is most powerful players, who can help you a lot.

Afterwards, teams like the two of Manchester or the Bayern Munich of Germany again come to prominence, which once again seems exclusive to EA. And in the same line may be interesting the inclusion of Atletico Madrid in the first sample of the game (and Griezmann in The Journey). Not because of the team and the real names because it was already done last year in the complete game, but to be featured in the demo and even have the model of his in-game coach.


In the same way, the company wanted to advance the creation of the FUT Icons, the new FIFA Legends 18 now with multiplatform appearance in the Ultimate Team modes of PS4, Xbox One and PC. Given the new The Journey  material, one could bet that Thierry Henry will accompany Ronaldo Nazário as one of the new legends to be announced at the August fair in Cologne.