How to be Best Player in FIFA 17

There are people who believe that FIFA is a franchise that was not updated or that year after year they gave us a game without modifications and with only changes in the roster. That’s true, a few years ago that’s how things worked out in EA; however, in FIFA 17 was a major change of this situation, and that, with the arrival of the Frostbite engine, the gameplay changed completely.
If you have just reached FIFA 17 and do not feel the same as previous deliveries, it is because of this change that we mentioned. That’s why if you would like to be the best and beat your friends, stick with us! Well here’s how to make the best plays in FIFA 17.


Protect the ball (Button: LT or L2)
In FIFA 17 we can protect the ball and spin so that the rival takes it away. To do this, simply hold down the LT or L2 button and move the left stick in the opposite direction to the opponent. While you are doing this, you can press the RB or R1 button to call a partner and pass the ball quickly.
This maneuver is so, but so effective, that it drives the opponents crazy and pushes them to commit fouls or not being able to take the ball off.


Perfect corner shot (Button: Left Bumper – Left stick – X or Square button)
The corner kick changed in FIFA 17 (we’ve already mentioned it many times), but not many people know how to do it. This is precision and for this, we will select with the button LB or L1 to the highest player of the equipment and we will place it near the point of penal. Then, press the X button or box with 2 power bars and then press the button again to center the ball. If you achieved a good synchrony, it will be an assured goal. To be the best player in fifa 17 that can help you win more games, and then you have more chance to get the fifa 17 coins that can buy better players for your team.