What will FIFA 18 look like?

We really do not know, but we think the Frostbite Engine will still be the one used by EA Sports for its new game in the saga. No wonder the incredible results in the current delivery to lighting level, performance or recreation of players and stadiums.

For this new stage in The Joruney, EA has confirmed the arrival of new characters to choose, thus giving a greater dynamism to this peculiar and novel Campaign Mode for sports titles. Can we create our own football star? Will Alex Hunter come back? That for now is a mystery, but of course it is one of the most demanded by the fans.

On the other hand, and not least, EA Sports has also confirmed the arrival of important changes that is undoubtedly the main mode of the saga in his last years, FIFA Ultimate Team. Since its appearance, FIFA Ultimate Team has earned the respect of fans and not so fans of this sport. Why? Because it offered us the opportunity to start a team from scratch, to consecrate the little stars that we have in our beginning, to hire the best stars in the world and to win leagues against other players online. That is why this mode has become one of the slopes that generate more users after delivery.

This coming June we will be able to see in EA Play that will be developed before E3 2017, how this event will become one of the most important in the last years, since we will have the opportunity to know the novelties of the company for future releases, But especially by all those fans of the FIFA brand.  FIFA 18 is not released now, and it is better for you to play fifa 17, and the fut 17 coins are important for players to play the games.