Tips for Beginners of FIFA 17 Free throws

Today we will focus on another area where EA has implemented realism at an extreme level. Yes, free throws are also difficult for some gamers and then we tell you why.

The free throws also changed and are now quite methodical. In addition to indicating the direction of the ball, you also manage the effect, profiling your player with the right analogue. How far, near or at an angle the player is in relation to the ball will be crucial in the pronounced effect and even the part of the foot with which he will hit the ball.

We would have to make content dedicated only to free throws to cover all the techniques. Tell us if you would like us to do it!

For good results, aim the screen towards the outside of the barrier and, when you shoot, be sure to do it with no more than 2 power bars … one and a half even if the shooting distance corresponds to the edge of the large area. While doing this, tilt the left lever 45 ° toward the goal to print the internal effect. If you do it with absolute precision, the ball will rise high enough above the barrier and then close inwards.

How close or far will the pole end? That will depend on how close or far you have pointed to the left lever before charging. Each player is different, each distance is different and each barrier also, so there are no guarantees, but doing so in that way will at least charge decently and put the other team in trouble.

Remember to practice this technique as many times as necessary. Next week we will return with 3 more areas that will help you improve your game in FIFA 17, and the fifa 17 coins are also can help you for your playing, the stronger team you have, the more match you can get.