General FIFA Mobile Tips for New Players

Play attack mode. As soon as you finish the tutorial and have your first team set up, head into attack mode. FIFA Mobile is a competitive game so players shouldn’t be scared to play each other. Attack mode is designed to be both newbie friendly and challenging for veterans. It’s also extremely rewarding. Players get XP (needed to level up), coins (needed to buy packs) and fans (needed to rank up) by playing attack mode. Players are always paired based on the division they’re in so they will compete against others with similar skills and level.

Don’t forget to play your turn. FIFA Mobile has a turn based asynchronous “combat” mode. An attack mode match is played in four turns over a period of 24 hours. This way, two players can compete even if they are not online at the same time. Make sure to check in game messages and not miss playing your turn.

Let auto play handle the first attack mode matches. FIFA Mobile beginners have better chances at winning attack mode games if they let the computer handle things. The AI is pretty good and has a great win ratio in lower divisions. Players should take over as they get comfortable with FIFA Mobile controls. In lower divisions, fans are obtained based on the number of scored goals.

Replay the tutorial if needed. Most players are eager to begin their FIFA Mobile career as soon as possible and they might not pay attention to the tutorial. The good news is that the tutorial can be replayed and even offers some rewards for replaying it. The tutorial introduces game controls and allows players to do some practice. Mastering game controls is important if players aspire to become FIFA champions.

Claim rewards. This might sound silly but rewards are not actually obtained until players claim them. This is how FIFA Mobile and other similar games handle the reward system. Each time you get a reward make sure to claim it. Some can be obtained at a later time but others like the Saint Patrick’s Day event items expire if not claimed during the event.  For fifa mobile playing, the most important items can help you to buy your desired items, which is the fifa mobile coins, which can buy your desried players and others.