FIFA 17 Automatically Adjust the Difficulty

Recently, “FIFA17” community broke a huge news, some players found that in the game, the difficulty will be with the level of the player level and automatically adjust.But for some players,the “balance” system is based on the level of the player.”Secretly” in the game to adjust the difficulty, as a football game benchmarking products, EA did not mention any information about this feature.

However, witty players still found clues, through the discovery of “FIFA17” file, the player found in the FIFA final team hidden a “team chemical reaction” code, the value of this data from 0-100 Variety.

In addition, other players also found that the system will be based on different shooting data, possession rate, etc., automatically adjust the game difficulty, the player will be this feature “adaptive difficulty”, do not know this feature will be applied to stand-alone mode or online mode.

Recently a group of players , launched a called “seeking EA explanation” activities, they want EA to come forward to clarify whether the difficulty of the game is adjusted. Players think they should not be good because of their own performance by the system changes the difficulty of the game.

If this feature is really used in online mode, then the model will affect the real income of some players and other major factors, however, we also hope that EA can come forward to explain the real situation. Besides the guide you get here, the fifa 17 ultimate team coins you also need in your hand,  which can help you a lot for your playing.