FIFA 17 Companion App Overview

To be able to use the FIFA 17 Companion App, one must have a game account. The app was especially designed for Ultimate Team mode so players will first have to create a FUT club on their PC or console. The app is a valuable tool that comes in handy for players who wish to manage their Ultimate Team on the go. With the use of the FIFA 17 Companion App, player are able to bid on Transfers and to make sure that their teams are ready to take part in matches. The app also allows players to spend fifa 17 coins and fut 17 points. These two types of currency are used to open packs that give players the chance to acquire players and items.

FIFA 17 Companion App is a permanent connection to the market. This way, team managers will never miss a transfer. The market feature is similar to an auction house. Players can buy and sell items, footballers and consumables on the market. Anything that is needed to customize an Ultimate Team can be acquired from the market.

A new mode called squad building challenge invites managers to build teams that meet various conditions. Once the squad is finished, players have the chance to earn all sorts of special rewards including FIFA 17 coins and packs. New challenges are added on constant basis. This mode supports cross play between mobile and other devices (PC or console) so players don’t need to worry about losing progress.

FIFA 17 Companion App is also useful as it gives players the possibility to manage their club. It’s possible to change formations, to switch players, to acquire consumables and much more. The app also grants access to FIFA 17 store. This is the place to acquire packs in exchange for coins and points. Time limited offers and promotions are the best moment to make the most out of your coins. FIFA 17 Companion App notifies users when such a promotion is taking place.

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