FIFA 17 The Rubber Band

We did have an article previously stating about FIFA 17’s possible scripted matches and fixed games, but it seems that those were not mere speculations. Imagine this, you are playing in FIFA 17 Career Mode and you are taking a hold of the AI but at one point their players get stronger and faster for no reason. Previously attributed to horrible luck or skill, it seems that this little FIFA 17 tid bit is actually programmed in FIFA 17. How is this possible, why did it happen? Let us go down to the explenation part of the article and find out.

A Reddit user has done some digging into FIFA 17’s code going through FUT, Career Mode and the Journey just for fun it seems. But after a bit of digging the user actually found code evidence that games in FIFA 17 go on a scripted momentum where the AI will change difficulty as you play. Look at it this way: This code segment is essentially handicap that perpetually changes to mirror the situation. If you are slaying everyone in a FIFA 17 match, the AI will overpower you with ease and you will lose control. A lot of FIFA 17 players have come out after this discovery was made to campaign against EA for this practice and are using the Twitter #ExplainFIFAMomentum. So what’s going on?

So what?
Believe it or not, but the rubber band thing is not only limited to FIFA 17. A lot of games in the past, and yes EA’s games too, have had the rubber band implemented in them in order to keep bad players in the game. EA has been contacted but nobody has replied yet. So let’s see if our favorite FIFA game is actually what it seems…


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