Not Christmas yet, but by God its Futmas the holiday that I’m sure everyone has been waiting for. In this article we will explain to you what Futmas actually is and what can you expect to see in the three man card packs that EA is releasing for this special occasion. Futmas has been a tradition for years now and FIFA 17 is bound to bring some memorable moments when opening FUT packs. So let’s strap on in and prepare to gaze in awe at what EA has brought us on this wonderful Futmas.

What’s going on?
Well, Santa is not coming to town… Yet… But EA has a whole bunch of goodies waiting on you. During the month of December until the 25th you can get your hands on epic cards that are released in three man bursts with the most recent ones containing Mousa Dembele, Luka Modric and Marcus Rashford. As the days go by counting down to the 25th EA is going to show some more surprises for their faithful fans so be on a lookout. You can get these cards by opening random FIFA 17 FUT packs and praying that you don’t get anything other than what you want.

Are they worth the buy?
Kind sounds stupid having to buy your own FIFA 17 themed Christmas gifts buy yes. The cards are pretty decent for what they are and the players are some big shots in FIFA 17 so the gloat factor is always there. If you want to go after these Futmas cards go ahead but do keep in mind that 25th of December is your limit and if you don’t come up with anything by then its bye bye special FUT cards. Now go and dig out your Christmas gift.



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